GOURMIE'S : l'entreprise & sa créatrice : Claudie Botté

Claudie Botté
«Economic journalist in Morocco in the 70’s, General Secretary of an Association in Paris in the 80’s, she began a new career in the restaurant business in the 90’s, in the restaurant « Entre Ciel et Terre » in Paris, mentioned in the Michelin Guide and created by her husband Guillaume Botté   »

In 2003, they both leave France to work as cooking Chefs in California during 5 years. There they discovered a new world of nutrition, the RAW FOOD concept, where food is savoured at the top of its vitality, raw or dehydrated at low temperature.


Gourmie's team

In 2009, she decides to set up her own company to promote a new style of sweet treats in France. Creating her own new recipes, she gives birth to GOURMIE’S..